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July 1st, 2009

Last updated: 2015-05-26

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Army Wives

Watch Army Wives Online

Army Wives is an astoundingly popular show which is basically dedicated to the life styles of four army wives. Since the very first day of its being aired the show has created a high impact in the psyche of the viewers. It will be quite interesting to note over here that the show had a whopping opening with around 3.5 million viewer ship which is obviously an enviable figure for any big production house in the international television industry.

In terms of rating the show ahs always enjoyed around 1.0 something rating in the male segment. The rating is quite higher when it comes to women. In the female segment the rating is about 2.4. Army Wives, the intense show was first featured on Life Time. It was June 3rd 2007. The show had been a big hit within a couple of weeks of its inception in the American television. This electrifying show with some intense dramatic moments had actually been shot in the celebrated ABC studios.

The show basically revolves round the lives of four army wives as well as one army husband. Each and every episode is a perfect delineation of how the spouse of army people feels in a real life situation. By dint of the powerful scripting as well as superb acting talent of the cast it has already carved a niche in the heart of the viewers. The biggest example of the popularity of show is exhibited in shape of the ratings as well as the increasing amount of viewer ship with every season. Among all the season the fifth season has been the biggest hit and it proudly flaunts a whopping viewer ship of 4.2 millions. This particular viewer ship was a stark increase from season 4 of the show by 27%.

The show flaunts an interesting array of casts. Here is an insight into amazing star cast that has made it possible to hold the viewer interest for such a long time. The names include Drew Fuller who plays the role of 2LT Trevor LE Blank, Allysa Diaz who plays the role of Gloria Cruz, Kim Delaney who plays the role of Claudia Joy Holden, Erin Krakaw who plays he role of SPC Tanya Gbriel, Brian Mc Namara who plays the significant role of Michael James Holden (Michael is the major general in this show), Sterling K Brown who plays the role of Dr. Roland Burton and so on and so forth.

First Aired: June 3, 2007
Air Day: Sunday
Air Time: 9:00 pm
Runtime: 60 minutes
Network: Lifetime
Genre: Drama

Watch Army Wives Online