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June 20th, 2012

Last updated: 2014-09-10

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Watch Breaking Bad Episodes Online

“Breaking Bad” is one of the major American drama series on television, the creator and producer of which is Vince Gilligan. It has been produced in the backdrop of New Mexico, and is the story of a struggling chemistry teacher of a high school, Walter White. He is the
main character of the play, and he is diagnosed with lung cancer, and this is shown right at
the beginning of the series. It was his struggle with life that makes him a criminal, where he
produces and sells metamphetamine with a student for securing the financial future of his family,the story of the series progresses with this action.

The entire series of ‘Breaking Bad’ has received plenty of awards mainly because of the uniqueness in the plot and the storyline for which it has been successful in attracting the attention of large numbers of audiences. Produced by Sony Pictures Television, the series is broadcasted not only in America, but also in Canada. The premier of the fourth season has already finished, and the fifth season will be premiered from July. This is a unique story in the sense that here it is the protagonist of the series that finally turns into an antagonist.

Thus, the fundamental drive of the writer of the ‘Breaking Bad’ was towards change, and accordingly, he developed the entire story line. Walter white has been depicted as a character, who is not only dark, but at the same time, is also morally unquestionable. With the progression of the series, Walter has been made more and more unsympathetic and unkind due to which he commits the crimes harshly. It is the excitement and the curiosity to know the future of Walter that mainly appeals to large numbers of audience. However, in course of progression, in some episodes, the character has also been portrayed sympathetic and loathsome, as well.

Apart from Walter White who is casted as the main character of the play, the other characters
include Skyler white, Hank Schrader, Saul Goodman etc. In addition to that, several other important characters also contributed to the development of the popularity of the series. Plenty of different themes and symbols have been used in ‘Breaking Bad’, and most of the actions in the series end up in some consequences. Pink teddy bear as also been used as motif recurring within the second season. Thus, there are plenty of things to learn from this show.

First Aired: January 20, 2008
Air Day: Sunday
Air Time: 9:00 PM
Runtime: 50 minutes
Network: AMC
Genre: Crime, Drama, Suspense

Watch Breaking Bad Episodes Online