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August 12th, 2007

Last updated: 2014-09-10

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Watch Californication Online

Californication is epoch making TV series in the American television network that made its proud debut in the year 2007 on 13th August. The show is originally the bran child of Tom Kapinos. In the genre of drama based comedy that show is indeed a saving grace and it offers some radiant occasions of rib breaking laughter to its regular viewers. More popularly known as American Dramedy, Californication has already set new precedents of success in the American television networks.

Till date the show has been repeated up to five seasons. It is no exaggeration to comment that all the five seasons have won laurels and rave reviews from its whopping amount of viewers all over the world.

The story line of the show is interesting. It basically catches the inner tiffs of a troubled novelist (the name of the character in the show is David Duchovny) who struggles with a common mayhem called writer’s block. The trouble also casts its shade in his personal life as his relationships with Keran, the long time girlfriend, starts getting complicated. Things starts getting worsened as the events also include his daughter Becca in it. There is a potential threat of having a loose relationship with his daughter as well. The situation is pretty much like a mess. It is during this phase that David decides to move to California and does accordingly. David surely wants to break free out of the evil shackles that have confounded him. His utmost desire is to establish himself in the eyes of Karen as a loyal as well as loving partner and to prove himself to be a loving as well as caring father in the eyes of Becca, his sweet daughter.

The star cast of the show is in a word amazing and it has to be admitted that the actors have done a creditable job in terms of delineating the characters they are playing. Let’s take a quick look into the amazing star cast that adds sparkle to the show. There are Natascha McElhone who is playing the role of Karen, Davids girlfriend. There is Hnk Moody. There is Evan Hndler who is playing the role of Charlie Runkle. There is Pamela Adlon. There is Madeline Zima and of course there is Madeliene Martin performing the role of the sweet daughter of David. These lead actors have lent their amazing persona in all the seasons of the show.

First Aired: August 13, 2007
Air Day: Sunday
Air Time: 10:30 PM
Runtime: 30 minutes
Network: Showtime
Genre: Comedy

Watch Californication Online