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January 1st, 2009

Last updated: 2015-06-04

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Watch House Episodes Online Free Full Episodes


It is incontrovertibly an awesome TV series that ought to have attention to the various intricate as well as intriguing events taking place in the life of a genius yet troubled medical practitioner who is always in love with going out of the way. The credit of conceptualizing such an intense drama goes to Paul Attanasio and David Shore. It is an excessively successful television drama in American television network. The narrative of this particular show is based on the various events of the life of Dr. Gregory House. He happens to be a medical genius with a misanthropic heart. He happens to be the head of a diagnostic team at the fictitious backdrop of PPTH hospital which appears on the show as located in New Jersey. He is apparently a man of is own will. In most cases he gets him involved in a tiff with his boss as Dr. House is apparently obsessed with breaking rules and regulations.

In various episodes pertaining to this scintillating TV series, Dr. House has been noticed to get involved in emotional tiff with his colleagues. At times there are clashes even in his very own diagnostics team. However it is these controversial insights that increase the dramatic value of the show.

This particular medical drama has been brought to the viewers by an effort of Fox network. The show had started off its debut venture in the year 2004. The saga still continues even in 2012. Till date eight seasons of this particular show has been telecast. In all these seasons the viewer ship pertaining to the show has increased with an exponential growth.

Till date the popularity of the show is untouched as well as unharmed. The dramatic elements in the show are in a word intense. You would definitely like to see every moment with all your attention. The acting prowess of the stars cast has to be applauded. They have not only given the best of their performance but also made it a point that the show becomes irresistibly attractive to the viewer ship. Apart from the electrifying acting skills, locations and directorial aspects the superb and soul satisfying use of music also deserve a higher degree of applause from the viewers.

The show is in a word startling. The TV show has definitely got an abundance of powerful star cast. You would be delighted to take a look at them as they perform. The star cast includes names like Amber Tamblyn, Charlyne YI, Jennifer Morrison, Odette Annabel, Peter Jackobson, Jesse Spencer, Kal Penn and others.

First Aired: November 16, 2004
Air Day: Monday
Air Time: 9:00 PM
Runtime: 60 minutes
Network: FOX
Genre: Comedy, Drama

Watch House Episodes Online Free Full Episodes