Watch How I Met Your Mother Seasons Online Free

December 6th, 2011

Last updated: 2015-06-04

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Watch How I Met Your Mother Seasons Online Free

How I Met Your Mother happens to be an extremely popular as well as successful American sitcom that made its debut in the American TV circle by means of CBS network. From the very first episode the show had proven its worth in the eyes of the American viewers. The narrative of this captivating TV show is basically set in the happening location of Manhattan. This particular comedy drama has literally enthralled a huge viewer ship in all the eight seasons that has been telecast. The humorous moments of the show are literally rollicking. There are two revolutionary minds that had given their best efforts in conceptualizing the show. The masterminds are Thomas and Bays.

How I Met Your Mother is indeed a highly successful and an entertaining show that draws attention to the different assortment of interesting events happing in the romantic as well as social lives of Ted Moshy, Robin Scherbatsky, Barney Stinson, Lily Aldrin as well as Marshall Eriksen. Ted, by means of a voice over narration techniques chooses to describe his son as well as daughter the particular set of events in which he met their mother. Set in 2030 the show is like a journey down the memory lane. The show is in a word an astounding show based on comic events and the original conception behind the show does provide an aura of superiority around it.

The storyline pertaining to the TV series is a top draw and it rightfully captivates the regular viewer ship in the intriguing moments which are shown in the TV series. The powerful narrative does not make them feel that they are watching a figment of fiction. It is almost like a real life drama which is put on celluloid. Because of the power packed storyline and directorial excellence “How I Met Your Mother” has already bagged the coveted Emmy Awards six times at a stretch.

“How I Met Your Mother” has a powerful star cast that includes names such as Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Randor etc. Till date the popularity of the show is kind of unrivalled. The dramatic elements in the show are in a word intense. You would definitely like to see every moment with all your attention. The acting prowess of the stars cast has to be applauded. They have not only given the best of their performance but also made it a point that the show becomes irresistibly attractive to the viewer ship. Apart from the electrifying acting skills, locations and directorial aspects the superb and soul satisfying use of music also deserve a higher degree of applause from the viewers.

First Aired: September 19, 2005
Air Day: Monday
Air Time: 8:00 PM
Runtime: 30 minutes
Network: CBS
Genre: Comedy

Watch How I Met Your Mother Seasons Online Free