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August 1st, 2012

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“Supernatural” is one of the greatest supernatural dramas of America with elements of humor in it. It has been created and produced by Eric Kripke. It was premiered first of WB on September, 2005 and currently is a part of CW, as well. The series has been filmed in Vancouver, and several years have been spending in developing the storyline. There are several series of this television show and in January, 2012, it was renewed for the 8th season. Initially, Eric conceptualized Supernatural as a movie, but by pitching over it for several years, the decision was finally changed to making it a television series.

The stars of ‘Supernatural’ mainly center on Dean and Sam Winchester, as two brothers who are seen to be travelling in the country in search of their missing father. In course of their search, they also battle with the evil spirits. However, these two characters share different views on life. Since their childhood, they had witnessed their father to be obsessed with the evil forces that murdered his wife, and consequently, the father trained his two sons to battle with the evil forces for revenge. Following this, they have grown as the hunters of the supernatural forces. Sam was happy with his current life, but Dean was more attached to his father and wants to go for hunting.

Though the series of ‘Supernatural’ do not have large numbers of lead characters, yet there are recurring characters found in the series, as well. The father of the two boys makes their appearance in the pilot episode; he is not shown to the return before halfway in the first season. In the premier episodes of the second season, he however becomes a recurring character till he meets his death. In the final season, it has been seen that the spirit of the father returns time and again to help his sons
The two brothers in the show of ‘Supernatural’ are not only bound by tragedy, but at the same time, they also have blood in their mission, and this makes them travel to different parts of the country to fight with dangerous forces. The entire storyline of the series is largely based on folklore and supernatural superstition, and bears resemblance with many other fictitious stories. Apart from the cast and characters of the show, the musical influence has lots of prominence in the show, and the combination of all these factors makes the show popular.

First Aired: September 13, 2005
Air Day: Tuesday
Air Time: 9:00 PM
Runtime: 60 minutes
Network: The CW
Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Watch Supernatural Online