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June 20th, 2009

Last updated: 2015-06-05

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The Listener

Watch The Listener Episodes Online

The listener is basically a highly interesting Canadian production based science fiction. The plot of the narrative revolves round a paramedic who is introduced in the show as Toby. The show had premiered as an effort of Fox Series and was crowned with overwhelming success.

The show opens up and focuses on Toby who happens to be a paramedic in his first year. Toby has no ideas of his parental history and he was allowed to grow up in a foster house. No one knows that Toby has got a secret power. Toby can listen to or figure out the surface level thoughts that pop up in the mind of people. Only Dr. Ray Mercer, his counselor, is aware of this unusual and eccentric power of Toby. Toby makes it a point to help people out in their distress. This is how he comes across with Olivia, his girlfriend. It is indeed an electrifying show that draws attention to the fact that in all these seasons the viewer ship pertaining to the show has increased with an exponential growth.

The storyline pertaining to the TV series is a top draw and it rightfully captivates the regular viewer ship in the intriguing moments which are shown in the TV series. The powerful narrative does not make them feel that they are watching a figment of fiction. It is almost like a real life drama which is put on celluloid.

The dramatic moments, supreme level of characterization and flawless musical background will definitely catapult your mind into an altogether different world. The acting prowess of the stars cast has to be applauded. They have not only given the best of their performance but also made it a point that the show becomes irresistibly attractive to the viewer ship. Apart from the electrifying acting skills, locations and directorial aspects the superb and soul satisfying use of music also deserve a higher degree of applause from the viewers.

The show is in a word beyond belief. Once you start watching the events or the episodes you can not choose to stop at any cost. There is an ensemble star cast in the show that made it more of a captivating show. Here goes an introspection with some notable names related to the show which are as follows Ennis Esmer, Lisa Marcos, Rainbow Sun Francks, Peter Stebbing Co, Craig Olejnik, Mylene Dinh Robik as well as others.

First Aired: March 3, 2009
Air Day: Wednesday
Air Time: 10:00 PM
Runtime: 60 minutes
Network: CTV
Genre: Crime, Drama, Fantasy

Watch The Listener Episodes Online