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June 20th, 2012

Last updated: 2015-06-05

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Watch True Blood Episodes Online


‘True Blood’ is an extremely popular television series of America which is based on the mystery series of ‘The Southern Vampire Mysteries’ from the novels of Charlaine Harris. The creator and producer of this popular TV series is Alan Bell, and the show is broadcasted on the cable network of HBO in the United States. The show mainly details the co-existence of vampires as well as humans in Bon Temps, which is a fictional small town in Louisiana. This TV series largely focuses on Sookie Stackhouses’ adventures. The season 2 of the series focuses more on the action of Eric and Sookie, as well as the exploration of the roots of a shape shifter by Sam.

The Season 1 of the show was premiered in the 2008, while Season 2 was premiered in the year 2009. Currently, ‘True Blood’ is being premiered for a 5th season, and this show will consist of 12 episodes. Several series received critical acclamation while it won many awards, as well. The initial impressions of the show were mixed while the critical reception has been favorable. At the same time, there are also some people with the views that it is a romantic parable that has been exclusively set in a vampire world.

The story line of the series is indeed captivating and is therefore, capable of attracting the attention o large numbers of audiences across America. All the series shows Sookie Stackhouse as a waitress in Louisiana. Each of the series is linked to each other, and this is what encapsulates the audience more. Partly ‘True Blood’ is filled with mystery while partially it is filled with fantasy. In some parts there are imaginative exaggeration, while in some case, the storyline also deals with comedy. This in turn, is sufficient enough to attract audience of different tastes, and this is what the TV series us capable of doing.

In ‘True Blood’, the adventures of Sookie receive great prominence, and it deals with how her life is finally turned upside down when a vampire comes into her life one night. Each of the series employs more or less the same central characters, while apart from that, there are some rotating groups of characters and some supporting characters, as well, that gets their prominence in different series. The TV show also shows large numbers of characters outside USA, though the main story is based on the small town of Louisiana.

First Aired: September 7, 2008
Air Day: Sunday
Air Time: 9:00 PM
Runtime: 50 minutes
Network: HBO
Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Watch True Blood Episodes Online